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It’s that time of year! Back to school this week for the children of Gaza and Syria, along with the rest of the world. Because yes, there are children there too. Just like the ones that cross the path of my front garden gate on their scooters every morning and afternoon.

In Gaza, some 240,000 children went back to 252 UNRWA schools today. The recent conflict had left 258 schools and kindergartens damaged, including 26 schools that are beyond repair. - UN Website

The psychological damage means the first few weeks of education will be predominantly geared toward giving children support to deal with the trauma they have experienced over the course of this 50 day ‘war’ in Gaza. They’ve gone back to school three weeks late, if they have gone back at all. From what I can see through photos and various articles,  in actuality it will be many weeks more than that. Months. Years. I believe though, how can I not believe after seeing these images. There they are, fighting through tears to get their education. I don’t think even as an adult I can imagine such strength. 

Genocide way out there in the world seems to have become acceptable to the west in recent years. It brings to mind the expression ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them’ Who are we? 


On Sunday I’m going to NY for 24 hours to dance with some men. 

I LOVE NY, I’m so excited. Even 24 hours is a lovely wonderful magical adventure.

Back to LDN on Monday night, wish me well.